• McIntyre Powder and Silicosis History now available in print

    "Dust versus Dust: Aluminum Therapy and Silicosis in the Canadian and Global Mining Industries" - by Mica Jorgenson and John Sandlos

    The McIntyre Powder Project is thrilled to announce that the history of the McIntyre Powder aluminum prophylaxis program and its control by the northern Ontario mining industry is now documented in a thorough and well-researched article published in March 2021 in The Canadian Historical Review (Volume 102, Issue 1).  

    You can read this excellent article by clicking on "Dust vs. Dust" under the "Links" tab. 

    NOTE from McIntyre Powder Project Founder Janice Martell:  When I first began researching McIntyre Powder in 2011, an online search yielded two entries: the Sandra Rifat study found on this website, and a notation in the Mining Hall of Fame honouring McIntyre Porcupine Mine Manager R.J. Ennis for instituting the use of McIntyre Powder inhalation to address the problem of silicosis.  When I researched archival records from the McIntyre Research Foundation, the Ontario Mining Association, and relevant government entities, the control that the northern Ontario mining industry had over the McIntyre Powder story was pervasive.  The "Dust versus Dust" article offers a comprehensive review of the "quick fix" use of McIntyre Powder by the mining industry to combat silicosis, at an unknown cost to the health and lives of the miners and workers who were given no choice but to "breathe deep, boys!"


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