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   Mining Master Record for Ontario Miners   


In the early 1950s in Ontario, Canada, a system of record keeping on the employment history, dust exposure, and medical exam results for Ontario miners was established at the request of the McIntyre Research Foundation, for tracking silicosis cases. Records were created from mine employee records dating back to 1929, plus ongoing records were created and updated from the 1950s until 1987. Each individual miner's record is referred to as the "Mining Master Record", and collectively, the records are known as the "Mining Master File". These records are held by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) head office in Toronto.  These records verify aluminum dust exposure.  To request a copy of an individual miner's Mining Master Record, a request form must be completed and sent to the WSIB Freedom Of Information Access Specialist in Toronto for review and consideration. Further information is available on the WSIB website ( under "About Us", "Directory of Records" and "Making a Request".  


OR you copy and paste the following link to access the Mining Master Record application form:

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