McIntyre Powder Aluminum Prophylaxis Program: Licensees

During the lifespan of the McIntyre Powder aluminum prophylaxis program, the McIntyre Research Foundation held the patents for McIntyre Powder aluminum dust.  The Foundation issued license contracts to various companies and other entities for the use of McIntyre Powder aluminum dust as a prophylaxis "treatment" against silicosis, in mining and other silica dust-producing industries.

Check the Licensees Lists under the "Resources" Tab above, for a list of companies and other entities that were issued licenses to use McIntyre Powder aluminum dust.  

NOTE:  These are NOT exhaustive lists.  In particular, mines which opened after the late 1940s and closed prior to the mid 1970s may not appear on these lists. These lists were compiled primarily from the Archives of Ontario, and also via contact with and/or records of workers employed by the companies who used McIntyre Powder aluminum dust prophylaxis.  Many of the companies listed were no longer licensees during the later years of the McIntyre Powder aluminum prophylaxis program (1970s).  Although a company may have been licensed to use McIntyre Powder aluminum dust, this does not necessarily indicate whether, when, or for how long McIntyre Powder aluminum prophylaxis was actually used with employees of a particular licensee company (or at which work sites it was used, for companies with multiple work sites).  

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