Adding a Name to our Voluntary Registry  

The purpose of the Voluntary Registry is to provide a centralized place to gather and document health issues in miners or other workers who were exposed to McIntyre Powder aluminum dust in the workplace.  Most of those miners/workers are retired or deceased, so hearing from their SURVIVORS is key to ensuring that every worker who struggled with or died from health issues potentially related to aluminum dust exposure is accounted for.  


You can add a name to our Voluntary Registry by e-mailing Project Founder Janice Martell (see "CONTACTS" tab).


When adding a name to the McIntyre Powder Project's Voluntary Registry, we ask that you provide as much of the following information as you have available and that you are comfortable sharing with us:



Your Name & Contact Information - please provide your name and a way to contact you (e.g.  e-mail, phone, address)


Your Relationship to the Miner/Worker you are registering - (e.g.  self, sibling, wife, daughter, son, grandchild, etc.)



Name of Miner/Worker - please provide the full legal name and any names commonly known by


Date of Birth - if unknown, please provide approximate year of birth (e.g. "approx. 1945")


Date of Death (if applicable) if unknown, please provide approximate year of death (e.g. "early 1980s")


Employment Information - please provide as much detail as is available about where the miner/worker was employed (name of company, which mine(s) or factories worked at and when, employment duties, etc.) - this information helps to establish workplace aluminum dust exposure


Health Issues - please list any known health issues the miner/worker has (or had), year of diagnosis, etc.


Other - please provide any additional information that you would like to share



        Thank You!   


Without your voices, there is no Project.  


Thank you for standing with us.  Together we can achieve much!

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