• Access your Records from the Sputum Cytology Program for Uranium Miners

    Uranium Miners who participated in the Sputum Cytology program can now request copies of their records from the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada.  

    The sputum cytology program was a voluntary screening program for uranium miners to monitor cell changes in their sputum (spit) to screen for possible lung cancer. 

    The data historically collected from uranium miners under the sputum cytology program was stored on floppy discs. Some of that data was recovered, and personal records can be requested by each individual miner or their Estate by contacting the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada by phone, letter, or email.  Please see contact information below, as provided by the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada. 

    Contact:  Curtis B. Caldwell, Chief Scientist, Radiation Safety Institute of Canada

    Address: 100 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 760, Toronto, ON M2N 6N5

    Email: ccaldwell@radiationsafety.ca

    Phone: 1-416-650-9090 ext. 25


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