• Breathe Deep, Boys: Voices of the McIntyre Powder Project Miners

    Photo: miners await McIntyre Powder aluminum inhalation "treatment" on the man deck at Campbell Red Lake Gold Mine in April 1966 before the cage transports them underground (photo courtesy of Hugh & Enid Carlson)


    Life Underground was seldom spoken of by the miners, electricians, mechanics, and others who spent their working life below surface, even to their own families. 

    Rare Insight into this world is now captured in the article "Breathe Deep, Boys: Voices of the McIntyre Powder Project miners", which was published in New Solutions Journal in February 2022.  

    Read about what the miners experienced with McIntyre Powder inhalation, working conditions, incentives against making workers' compensation claims, the "light duty" program, and more.  

    "Mining is the most unfriendly and unforgiving environment. They sent us in to do these jobs, knowing full well that we coudn't do them safe. You were climibing down hanging rods of shaft with three or four hundred feet of nothing below you." 

    Find "Breathe Deep, Boys!" under the "LINKS" section of this website. 

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