For the Love of my Father

    (by Janice Hobbs Martell, McIntyre Powder Project Founder)


    I am a miner’s daughter and I never knew.  At the time that it was happening to Dad in the late 1970s – when he was locked in a room by his employer and had no choice but to breathe in extremely fine particles of airborne aluminum dust known as McIntyre Powder – he never spoke of it to his family. 


    Learning about this forced practice of industrial medical treatments decades later was horrifying, and it added to the helplessness that I already felt watching Dad struggle with Parkinson’s.  As pieces of him were slowly, progressively claimed by this unforgiving neurological disorder, it became more and more important to me to ensure that the history of McIntyre Powder and its use against industrial workers was documented.


    In August, 2021, New Solutions Journal published the story of McIntyre Powder, its impacts on my father’s life, and the work of the McIntyre Powder Project – as researched and written by me and my coauthor, Dr. Tee L. Guidotti. You can read the full article, Trading One Risk for Another, under the “Links” section of this website.


    The McIntyre Powder Project began out of love for my father, Jim Hobbs. It continues out of love and respect for all of the McIntyre Powder Project miners and their families, who have very much become family to me.   


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